How to make your own Outshine Art Christmas tree November 11 2014, 0 Comments

Following on from a huge amount of interest at Spirit of Christmas Fair, London Olympia I thought I'd give you all some information on how to make your very own Outshine Art Christmas tree!

Customer taking a photo of the Outshine Art Christmas TreeOutshine Art Christmas Tree

What you'll need

  • 8 to 10 lengths of driftwood and/or forest wood
  • Backing board, strong enough to not warp and large enough for the whole tree, plus star
  • 50 screw eyes (20 to attach wood, 30 for pine cones). I bought mine from ebay, the description was "Curtain Wire Screw In Ring Eye Hook - PACK OF 50"
  • Garden twine to attach branches
  • Battery operated string fairy lights (I used 2x9m lengths - better to have longer lengths so less battery packs to conceal)
  • Approx 30 pine cones (tips painted with white acrylic paint, screw eye in the top and threaded with red/white bakers twine)
  • 12 Outshine Art Christmas decorations

Screw eye and twineOutshine Art Christmas decorations and pine conesHiding the battery pack

I used a mix of driftwood and forest wood to give the tree a bit more movement. The driftwood was great because it had more knots and gaps in it so allowed you to thread the fairy lights in lots of different directions. The forest wood also had its merits in the fact that you could chop a large branch down to size and make multiple lengths

I arranged the branches on the floor so that I could get an idea of the order to create the Christmas tree shape. Starting with the longest branch at the bottom, I screwed in a screw eye to the backing board, one at each end of the branch and then held the branch in place by wrapping the garden twine through the loop and round the branch. I left a 10cm gap between branches.

Once all the branches were attached, starting at the top of the tree I began to weave the fairy lights across each branch, about 3 to 4 times for each branch and tried to cover both the top and bottom of the branch rather than a straight line back and forth.

I then tied on the pine cones, around the fairy lights and branches. I attached them in a variety of ways, some resting on the top of the branch and others hanging down to create a more natural affect.

I attached the Outshine Art Christmas decorations in the same manner and also used these to hide the battery packs from the fairy lights. I found that the fairy lights began to dim after approximately 16 hours and new batteries made a huge difference to the glow of the tree.

I hope you have fun making your own Christmas trees and if you'd like to share the finished article then please use #OutshineTree to Outshine Art on Twitter and Instagram.


If anyone is interested in buying a Christmas Tree set, including all items listed above except backing board, please send me an email,