Smile With Siddy Charity June 17 2015, 0 Comments

I recently had the pleasure of donating a picture to the charity Smile with Siddy and it will be displayed at CLIC House in Bristol which offers a home from home environment for Children and their families who are undergoing cancer treatment at Bristol Children's Hospital.


Sid was 14 months old when he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer called Neuroblastoma. It has such poor outcomes that by the time it is diagnosed it has usually spread to various parts of the body. His cancer meant he had 4 tumours (abdomen, neck, chest and spine) and they didn't respond well to chemotherapy. He died just 2 and a half months after his diagnosis.

Sid's parents set up the charity as they were horrified by how little research and funding goes in to children's cancers. So far the charity has raised over £100,000 and the money is already being used to help fund a clinical trial to help beat it. The recent raffle raised an amazing £5000.

If you'd like to complete a sponsored event on behalf of Smile with Siddy then please get in touch via their facebook page. Thank you.